Mark is ‘sandponics’ and the the interviewer is cologetmomo and potentponics combined into an ultra scum………useless weak bullies…..neither has been awarded as a ‘fellow’ and perhaps that is why they are so sad, lonely, miserable and upset.

How many papers you published?  none.

How many researchers on your side? none

Cologetmomo still does not realize what is going on he is so fucking obsessed with this…..I won’t mention names but you do remember that phone call right?   Fuckin oath you do mate 🙂

Stop bashing your wife you abusive fuck, you are nothing but a gutless bully.

My samoan brothers would love to meet you.

Come see me, that’s what Apoc said right…… we are waiting for you bitch ass keyboard warriors, ALL you have is a keyboard, all you have is a bitch ass government tool to type in words with no backing, but in real life what is left?  Nothing mate……crickets…..a leaf blowing in the wind……you are a cum stained tissue and you have nothing else but reddit and THAT is why you are miserable, sad and depressed.

You are a dried up cum stain, life is over for you, all you have is reddit.

Where is your hate filled sub now?

Oh? It’s gone.


Like you’re marriage right……

Useless piece of shit, all you have is nothing but to be scared and fearful of sandponics hahaha we win bitch, we win.

You give us constant publicity.

You work for us.

Every. Single. Minute.

We consume you.

You can’t help out.

No matter what we do, where we go……

YOU are there.

We own you bitch.

____ ______ owns your wife.

as for your boyfriend, I will see him (you) at one of the next conferences – a couple years of jail time for gbh does not bother me much, I done it before I’ll do it again.

What you got to say now bitch?