Mineral soil definition


This is an important definition and distinction from organic soils because the availability of nutrients is much different. also, an iAVS is saturated for 28 days a year đŸ™‚

Mineral soil means a soil that is saturated with water less than 30 days (cumulative) per year in normal years and contains less than 20 percent (by weight) organic carbon; or is saturated for greater than 30 days or more cumulative in normal years, and has an organic carbon content (by weight) of less than 18 percent if the mineral fraction contains 60 percent or more clay; or less than 12 percent if the mineral fraction contains no clay.

Mineral soil means a soil containing insufficient organic material to sustain fire;

Mineral soil means a soil consisting predominantly of, and having its properties determined predominantly by, mineral matter. A mineral soil usually contains less than 20% organic matter, but it may contain an organic surface layer up to 12 inches thick.

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